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Ainna Philippines All versions
Lindsay United States All versions
Megan United States All versions
Nemi United States All versions
Samantha United States All versions
Sora United States All versions
Sunmi United States All versions

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This fanlisting (FL) is created by Ainna, and is part of her minty.NU collective. In an attempt to maintain some form of continuity, the title I chose is an homage to the past two incarnations of the FL, previously owned by Saya and Vii, both of which I had been a member.

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The fanart used for this layout is by Miyukiko, used with permission. Full credits and disclaimers are declared in Fine Print.


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Welcome to Spirit Wars, Ainna's TAFL- and TFL-approved fanlisting for the epic animanga shounen series YU YU HAKUSHO, created by Togashi Yoshihiro. This listing also covers the live action Netflix adaptation, so if you're a fan, please add your name to the list. ☆

Last updated: Apr. 01, 2024

The current layout features such a lovely fanart by the wonderful Miyukiko (used with permission).


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